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This program is entrusted and supported by China Association of Travel Services, World Tourism Cities Federation, Pacific Asia Travel Association and related destinations tourism boards, industry associations and the leading Chinese outbound tour operators and travel agencies.

About QSC
The China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification Program (QSC Program) aims at: recommending the tourism suppliers from all destination countries or regions, who are capable of providing quality services, to Chinese travelers and travel agencies; helping the Chinese travelers to attain a trusted, comfortable and quality travel experience...more>>
Why Join QSC Program
  • Non-profit Program Promoting Tourism Service Quality
  • Authoritative Certification of China Tourism Industry
  • Win the Trust of Chinese Travelers and Buyers, Highway to China Tourism Market
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Chinese Outbound Tourism Market
In 2013, the Chinese economy continues to grow, which contains great potential for the tourism consumption of Chinese citizens. Benefited from the rising of RMB exchange rate...more>>
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